JAM's 2018 Free, Original, and Printable Valentines

JAM's 2018 Free, Original, and Printable Valentines

Valentine's Day is only days away! How are you planning on showing your significant other how you feel this year? If you're drawing a blank on ideas or feeling pressed for time, don't worry! Whether you and your Valentine have been together a long time, or have not yet reached "item-hood", we've got you covered with our adorable, free and printable valentines! All you need is a color printer, this blog post, and some of our high quality card stock to print them on. Check out our six original valentines below!


If you and your Valentine love dogs, this card is certain to make him or her smile. Let your Valentine know that no matter what, you only have eyes for them!

Two animated dogs in love, with a heart between them reading "I will always spot you from across the room!" A play on the spots in the background

Download here: [media-downloader media_id="26218" texts="Spot Valentine"]

I Can Bee Myself

So maybe you're a little silly sometimes. Maybe you even tell terrible puns. But, that's okay because your significant other doesn't mind! In fact, they love you more for it. There are few things more special than being free to be yourself in a relationship. Let your Valentine know how much you appreciate it with this bee valentine card.

Two animated bees over a heart that reads "I Love That I Can Bee Myself With You."

Download here: [media-downloader media_id="26219" texts="Bee Valentine"]

Owl be your Valentine

This one works whether you already have a Valentine, or you don't, but you have someone in mind that you'd like to ask to spend the special day with. If you're looking to show someone you're interested in a cute and silly way, or you simply want to put a smile on the face of someone who already knows you've fallen for them, this owl valentine is a great choice. Again, this is also works best if you or your Valentine love animal puns.

Two animated owls with a heart between them, with the inscription "Owl be your Valentine..if you will be mine."

Download here: [media-downloader media_id="26220" texts="Owl Valentine"]



So perhaps you're looking for a card that's not too mushy, but still let's your Valentine know you care. Or, perhaps you just love Rihanna. Throw it back to Rihanna's instant classic with this Umbrella valentine!

Umbrella over a background of clouds with hearts "raining" from them, with the Rihanna lyric "You Can Stand Under My Umbrella."

Download here: [media-downloader media_id="26221" texts="Umbrella Valentine"]

Teddy Bear

If you're in a serious and long term relationship, choose this adorable Teddy Bear card to let your Valentine know that they are your cuddle buddy for life! With a short poem about growing into old age with your partner, this card is sure to make them feel loved.

Two teddy bears embracing, with hearts and the inscription "I'll be your teddy bear, I'll be your one to hold, I'll be the one who's there, Even when we're both grown old."

Download here: [media-downloader media_id="26222" texts="Teddy Bear Valentine"]

Every Day I Love You

Featuring another short poem and a proclamation of lasting love, this card is also great for those of you in a long-term relationship, or simply a relationship that you're feeling sure about. Let your Valentine know of your certainty and your deep affection with this simple and meaningful card.

Inscription "Although it is said often on this special day, know that every day...I love you...more than words can say!" on a background of hearts and roses.

Download here: [media-downloader media_id="26223" texts="I Love You Valentine"]

We hope that you found a card that helped you make Valentine's Day great for you and your special someone! If you have a favorite, let us know in the comments!

Happy Valentine's Day from JAM!


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