DIY Fall Party Favor Idea - Mason Jar and Candy

DIY Fall Party Favor Idea - Mason Jar and Candy

Are you holding a party this fall? Are you looking for creative fall themed decor for your get together? Try these DIY party favors made from mason jars and candy. They are easy to create, will save you some money, and have the perfect festive look for fall.

mason jars filled with candy and decorated with fall leaves party favor


fall colors cardstock spread with kraft wraphia

Creating the Tags

Use the same online stencil patterns we used in the Fall in Love With Our DIY Fall Banner. Create two different sized leaves for each tag. One leaf should be slightly larger than the other so that it peaks out and provides a nice border. Use a fine tipped sharpie marker to write a thoughtful handwritten thank you message to your guests.

Decorating the Jars

First, fill the mason jars a quarter of the way with our shredded tissue paper in chocolate brown, kraft, and white. Next, add your favorite candies or treats to the top of the mason jar. (Our favorite: pumpkin flavored kisses!) Decorate the top of the jar by first tracing the lid onto copper color cardstock . Then cut it out and, using strips of Kraft wraphia, loop the tags through to attach. Secure around the mouth of the jar.

fall party favor mason jars with fall colored cardstock lids

Follow these simple steps to turn otherwise plain mason jars into beautiful party favors. Your guests will appreciate your hard work, not to mention the sweet treats inside!

fall party favor glass mason jars with candy and fall colors


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