A Simple DIY Christmas Tree Card From Green Cardstock

A Simple DIY Christmas Tree Card From Green Cardstock

Here is another great craft from Casey owner of the site kceh.wordpress.com. Shes the one who brought us the 3D paper globe garland article. Look out for more festive holiday inspired crafts from Casey all throughout December.

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Merry Christmas! Here's the perfect card to make and send your loved ones for Christmas. After all, who doesn't love a handmade card? Not to mention making your own cards is a great inexpensive alternative when reaching out to all your relatives this holiday season.

DIY Christmas Tree Card

DIY Christmas Tree Card


  • X-Acto Knife
  • Cutting Mat - I personally use a Vantage Self-Healing cutting mat.
  • Card Template

Step One - Printing

Print out the template that is provided below directly on your colored cardstock.

DIY Christmas Tree Card print

Step Two - Cutting

Fold the card in half along the marked middle of the card. Unfold the card and cut out the template design with your X-acto knife on a cutting mat. Fold card in half again, and ta-da! You're basically done! Pretty simple, right?

DIY Christmas Tree Card

Step Three - Decorating

This is the more personal part, adding a festive message to the recipient. Make sure to write your message on the top and bottom so that it cannot be seen through the cut out when the card is closed.

DIY Christmas Tree Card

Casey also has a number of free card templates, feel free to visit the Create section of her blog.


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