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Paper & Cardstock > White 14lb Tyvek® Paper

White 14lb Tyvek® Paper

White 14lb Tyvek® Paper

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Tyvek® Paper is one of the sturdiest, most dependable paper products out there. Made from the same material used to protect newly constructed houses, Tyvek® Paper is waterproof, tear proof and lightweight. And with the beauty and elegance of white, you are sure to get not only the protection you want but the style you deserve. Use this paper for marketing your construction company - whether that's a flyer, announcement, invitation to the next convention, or advertisement!

Or use this for arts and crafts, this way you won't have to worry about your kids ripping the paper apart by accident, crying because of it, and then ruining the paper because of their tears. NOPE! The physical properties of Tyvek Papers is what makes it so unique. Even with its soft structure, the water resistance and tearproof features will keep your arts and crafts chaos free! This is strength and durability that will last longer than any other paper!

White 14lb Tyvek® Paper measures 8 1/2 x 11 (the standard letter size paper) and includes 50 sheets per pack.

*Please Note: Laser printers do NOT work on Tyvek® Paper because it will melt the stock. But Ink Jet printers will!

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