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Mini Plastic Folders

Mini Plastic Folders

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Mini Folders, sometimes called small folders, are tiny enough to fit anywhere! Use them to store tickets, coupons, important notes, maps, contact info, pictures, and many more small items! So whether you put them in your purse or a man satchel (that is a thing), these folders are excellent for smaller paper work that would normally get lost at the bottom of a large folder pocket. Keep all your small files safe and organized in style.

Small Folders are great to clean up any desktop whether at work, school, or the office. Instead of all of those little papers flying around everywhere, you'll have every little thing organized down to the last note in your brand new mini folder! The plastic is strong and will hold up for years so you can reuse over and over. 

Mini Plastic Folders measure in at 4 1/4 x 9 1/8 with 4 inch deep pockets. So even though they're small, they can hold a lot. We have these folders in three different colors: Blue, Clear, or Hot Pink. So keep your style intact while staying organized at the same time! Shop our Mini Folders today!

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