Clear Wrapping Paper

Protect your gift with some clear wrapping! Instead of being super nervous about whether or not everything will fall apart in that car ride of yours (we all know you're late to the party), you'll be driving smoothly with this clear wrapping paper roll around your present. Everything will stay in place, even after surpassing the speeding limit by 20. The cops might pull you over, but they'll take one look at your gift that's wrapped to perfection that they'll let you slide this one time.

Let your gift be the highlight instead of the wrapping paper! It would definitely be a great change of pace, especially with all of those crazy colors under the Christmas tree! You can still decorate your gift with fun ribbon, this will just make it easier for you when holiday season comes around! Don't forget to give that one cop a present - he did save you from some big bills!

Clear Wrapping Paper Rolls are made from crystal clear cellophane. Great for shipping and storing goods, use it to wrap any package. Available in 12.5 and 330 square foot rolls.

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