Brown Gift Bows

When you think of the best accessory for you present, gift bows must be on the top of your list. But when you think of color, your first reaction probably isn't brown. This is where JAM comes in. Brown Gift Bows are hard to find, but ones that compliment your gift and shine bright, well that's nearly impossible. Until now of course.

These unique bows are complete with a self-adhesive sticker so all you have to do is place it on top of your gift and BAM you're ready to go! The dazzling sparkles are just a big, big plus! Use them during the Thanksgiving season, the holiday season, birthdays and so much more! Brown might not be your first thought, but after seeing these we bet you're thinking different now huh?

Brown Gift Bows are available with a 5.5 inch diameter. Comes in the choice of Copper and Light Copper.

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