Keep your furniture safe with these decorative coasters! No more rings on the table after the family dinner (even if it still gets a little out-of-hand). JAM Coasters are made of chipboard with a shiny finish, so the only cleaning up you’ll have to do is wipe away any leftover droplets. Isn’t that such a relief? Find the right design and pattern for your specific occasion!

JAM 3 5/8" x 3 5/8" Coasters are sold in packs of 10 with a minimum of 6 packs per order. There are plenty of different designs and patterns to satisfy your needs. Entertain your guests with the witty coasters or impress them with the stylish, polished ones!

JAM 4" x 4" Holiday Coasters are sold in packs of 8 with a minimum of 3 packs per order. The simple, classy gold designs are sure to catch the eyes of everyone at your family Christmas party or the office holiday get-together!

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