Wraphia Ribbon

Here's some trivia! Wraphia refers to Raffia palm trees native to tropical regions of Africa, especially Madagascar. So if you want something exotic to add to your gifts, this is the ribbon for you.

Wraphia, Raffia, whatever way you want to spell it, is sure to bring your wrapping paper to a whole other level. The unique twist of the ribbon will not only decorate your gifts but present them in a beautiful way - a way that will leave everyone staring. But don't just keep this ribbon for the gifts (that would be way too selfish). Spread some love and tie some wraphia on vases to compliment that beautiful bouquet of flowers or tie them to mason jars for that natural look during your backyard wedding. Any way you tie it, the twisted ribbon will make a big statement!

Our Wired Wraphia option is a perfect embellishment for gift wrap or baskets with it's wire allowing you to mold and tie bows with ease.

Which ever you choose to use, you will surely find a reason to go crazy on your next DIY project or event with any of our natural or fun colored wraphia!

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