Ribbon Eggs

Trivia time! What came first? The chicken or the ribbon egg? If you chose the ribbon egg, you're totally wrong. But it's okay, because you landed on the correct page - and that's what matters.

If you are in need of bright color, shiny material, and awesome wrapping ribbon you can now check those requirements off your list. These ribbon eggs will make any gift pop with our wide variety of colors. With more than fifteen colors to choose from, you can go from a subdued baby pink for that next "It's a Girl" party of yours to our red hologram ribbon for your next Pokemon party (yes, people still have those).

So the chicken might have come first, but this ribbon egg is totally more useful. (At least for the vegetarians).

Use this ribbon to make any gift wrapping extra special. Your grandmother might even tell you how much of a "good egg" you are because of it!

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