Ivory Pens & Markers

There's a fine line between good markers and great markers, but we easily jump this line when talking about our Ivory Pens and; Markers. If you are looking for that perfect pastel color, our ivory markers definitely do the trick. Our peach and cream yellow will meet any Easter craft project you decide to do. Anything from decorative eggs to "Happy Easter' signs, your baskets are going to be good to go.

These markers are also great if you're working with darker paper. We all know how hard it is to work with dark paper but with these pens, you are sure to surpass that obstacle. They will stand out but do so without blinding the eye of the beholder. Our fine lined markers will definitely make your arts and crafts burst with color in a clean and sleek way.

Ivory Pens and; Markers available in Cream Yellow Fine Line and Pastel Peach Fine Line.

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