Copper Pens & Markers

Copper and Tod from Fox and the Hound lost their friendship because of hunting season. Even when they promised each other they'd be friends forever. Even though Copper was a flake - the writer of this description is obviously still upset about this - she knows that Copper would have definitely been friends forever with this marker! It not only matches his name but also his fur and as long as it isn't red like Tod, he would love this marker until the very end!

This marker definitely would have kept Copper preoccupied enough to stop hunting for his quote un quote BEST FRIEND. (Sorry). He would've been able to do amazing arts and crafts with this marker and maybe Tod would've gotten a card from him telling him he was sorry for all that he has done. The marker color would've gotten Tod upset and nostalgic but at least he could have had a great card with some great metallic color to remember him by!

Copper Paint Markers are available in fine line and broad line options. Great for artists!

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