Blue Pens & Markers

Whether you're coloring in the sky, drawing an ocean wave, designing a notebook cover, or even just writing some notes - these blue pens and markers are for you. If you’re in need of a calming color to decorate your paper and arts & crafts, blue is the best color for the job. Coming in a wide variety of styles (yes, we have over 25!), your paper will never be boring again!

Pick the perfect Blue Pen or Blue Marker for your art, schoolwork, or everyday writing needs. From Le Pens to Chalk Markers, our collection of blue pens and markers will surely make your decorating, crafting, writing, and advertising as lovely as the ocean! Whether you want a Baby Blue color for your baby shower invitations, a Navy Blue color for your July 4th cards, or a royal blue for your notes, we have an assortment of blue shades to choose from too!

In Le Pens, Gel Pens, Chalk Markers, Calligraphy Pens, Opaque Markers, Sharpie Markers, Acrylic Markers, and much more!

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