Letter Size Accordion Folders - 9 x 13

Don't let a paper cluttered desk run your life, we know you're capable of a better organization style than that. There is no such thing as an "organized mess" no matter how many times you tell yourself you have it under control. With our Expanding Files Folder, you can organize all those documents and papers so you can actually see the bottom of your drawers or the top of your desk! You can fit anything resembling a standard size sheet of paper in these pockets, AKA, most of your mess.

With 6 pockets and 13 different varieties available, you have the ability to choose the perfect folder for your sorting preference. Not only are these folders great for work, but they could be used for school too! Why have a folder for every class when you can use ONE folder for ALL your classes! Say goodbye to heavy backpacks and rummaging through your folders trying to find the right one. All your homework, papers, and tests will be in one place, organized neatly into different pockets.

Accordion Folders measure 9 x 13 and are available in 6 Pocket and 13 Pocket.

13 Pocket Accordion Folders are available in: Black, Blue, Clear, Red, and Smoke.

6 Pocket Expanding Files are currently available in: Clear with Snap

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