Glossy Folders with Clips

Don't clip your wings, as they say, let them fly with these Plastic Folders with Clips! No longer to you have to suffer through those flat, boring folders. Our plastic folders with clasps come in bold and beautiful colors all the while having the great addition of clips along the binding.

These Plastic Folders with Fasteners are 100% biodegradable, just like our Eco Folders. Not only are our Plastic folders with prongs eco-friendly, but they are durable too! Water and tear resistant to make sure your documents stay safe. Your stuff will stay safe, whether a presentation, pictures, files, whatever you want! They are eco-friendly, durable, tear and water resistant, but they include two pockets, a slot for business cards (a great marketing technique) and come in a variety of colors!

Plastic Folders with Clips are available in Deep Blue, Grey, Lime Green, Pink, Purple, Teal, Yellow, Black, Red, Clear, and Orange.

We also have an assorted 6 pack when you can't decide on just one color or when you want to color coordinate! Our Plastic folders with tangs are by far the best in the business!

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