Red Folders

With Red Folders, the next time you're 'in the red' will be a good thing. Why? Because it means your papers are organized, your desk is stylish, and your life is on track!

Red Two Pocket Folders are available in 19 different styles so you can color coordinate or match your company colors. From our popular Red Glossy folder, great for school to our Dark Red Base folder great for work, from our Red 3 Hole Punched versions to our heavy duty options, we seriously have it all.

They all measure 9 x 12 and comfortably fit all letter size paper (8.5x11) so you won't have to bend, crease, or ruin any of your documents. With two pockets, you are sure to fit all of your papers perfectly. Stay organized with red and make a bold, vibrant, and sophisticated statement wherever you go.

Note: The Red Heavy Duty Plastic Folder and the Burgundy Linen Folder have special CD slots which are perfect for those press kits or presentations.

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