Window Display Envelopes

Your promotional material, photographs, and pictures deserve attention right away. With Window Display Envelopes, that's exactly what they get. The large transparent plastic film on the front of these window envelopes allows the inner content of your package to take center stage.

Have something to show off? You can't do that when it's hidden inside an envelope that may never get opened. Don't give people the them as soon as they see their mail! Make your family portraits stand out with our bright hue blue choices or go simple and professional with our white colors. The bigger sizes will make it easy for you to slide in your material without having to worry about any bends in the process. With these envelopes mailing is easy!

Window Display Envelopes are available in 2 sizes:
- 6 x 9 White
- 9 x 12 White and bright Hue Blue

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