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Dealing with mail can sometimes be a pain, from buying the stamps to picking an elegant (yet expensive) invitation to go inside. With our Closeout Envelopes page, you'll find that sending an envelope is basically the same thing as saving your money. This page doesn't only consist of deals; it consists of high quality envelopes too. The reasons as to why envelopes can become closeouts are usually because of a discontinuation of the color or something as simple as an item number change. With almost twenty different envelope sizes to choose from, you'll surely find the one to perfectly fit your cards, invitations, presentations, or work documents.

Our A2 Closeout Envelopes are an ideal size for your thank you cards, while our A7 Closeout Envelopes are perfect for the invitation you send first. Try our A10 Closeout Envelopes when you have an oversized invitation. This is the most common size for a folded piece of paper, making it easy to mail flyers, advertisements, or other promotional mail. Try our #10 Closeout Envelopes for the perfect business technique. Beautiful quality envelopes at a low price for your budget. Doesn't get better than that! And as you click through our envelopes, you'll find a lot of colors to choose from, styles, and sizes. So don't go without a great deal or a great envelope discount.

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