9 x 9 Square Envelopes

You'll certainly be on cloud nine with these 9 x 9 Square Envelopes! The elegant color, the unique shape, and the high quality paper that these envelopes carry is all you need to create the perfect invitation. Don't settle for the standard rectangle when you can get squares that certainly catch some eyes. The symmetrical look never disappoints either! Use these envelopes for any special event. From weddings to birthdays, from graduations to anniversaries, these envelopes are sure to be the first thing your potential guests open in the pile of mail they get. Note that since these are a categorized as unique, they often require additional postage.

We made sure that making the perfect choice for your occasion is as easy as possible by categorizing our square envelopes by color. Choose our Black 9 x 9 Square Envelopes for a very sleek and sophisticated look or our White Envelopes for a clean and pristine look. We even carry a clear square envelope, making sure that your invitation, card, or letter is showcased instead of hidden. Each comes with a straight flap, perfect for a contemporary and modern look. And all feature a gum closure to keep your items safe inside. Square is the way to go with you want to stand out, so start shopping today!

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