8.9375 x 11.25 Envelopes

Color and cover your paper with our 8 15/16 x 11 1/4 Envelopes. Categorized as cellophane envelopes, these will surely bring a pop of color while protecting your documents. The size is perfect for a standard size piece of paper, so whether you're storing your work presentation inside or an essay for school, or even a to-do list, these will definitely be able to cover with a great color to match. And the cellophane material, that is both water-proof and tear resistant, will keep everything perfectly intact and unharmed.

To make it simple for you to navigate through your favorite 8.9375 x 11.25 cello envelopes, we categorized by color. Since color is the first thing we all notice, we found that it's the smartest way to get you the best one for you. Try our purple envelopes to brighten up the office or go for our yellow envelopes to bring a smile on all of your coworkers' faces. You can even use our green envelopes for the holiday season and send them some holiday greetings. When you want a simple cover, try our clear cello envelopes. All have a strong self-adhesive strip that makes for easy mailing. So start covering today!

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