6 x 6 Square Envelopes

Being square might not make you trendy as a human, but it certainly makes your envelope style trendy and chic! The symmetric look of our 6 x 6 Square Envelopes are appealing to any eye and will certainly give you the perfect fashionable look. Forget the regular rectangle and go for the stunning square! These envelopes are perfect for unique invitations, cards, announcements, or even promotional mailing. But since these envelopes do have a cool and unique shape, additional postage is needed.

We mention color in our slogan for a reason. This size is so unique, but that doesn't mean we don't carry every color of the rainbow and every color outside of it! And we don't stop there. As you search through a color that makes the most sense for your theme, you'll begin to find that we have different shades, styles, textures, and flaps to enjoy. Try our metallic collection for an interesting shine from Jupiter Red metallic to metallic Amethyst to Anthracite metallic, we have it all. Or go for our wide range of translucent envelopes from Ocean Blue Translucent to Leaf Green Translucent to Blush Translucent. You might think white is boring, but look through our collection to find a series of finishes from wove to iridescent, from vellum to foil linings. Balancing your invitations has never been easier than with our 6 x 6 envelopes!

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