6.375 x 9.5 Envelopes

We're not bursting your bubble, these 6 3/8 x 9 1/2 Envelopes are actually real! The shine, the padding, the color we know it's hard to believe that one envelope can have all of these great traits, but it's true. Bubble Mailers are commonly used to package valuable items because of the great padding inside and out. Whether you're inserting jewelry, CD's or DVD's, other electronics, books, or photographs, these mailers will certainly protect and take care of your gifts. Those fragile items you've always been scared to send off, you can now stop worrying! Takes a load off, doesn't it?

We wanted to make it as simple as possible for you to pick the right 6.375 x 9.5 Envelope for you, so we decided to sort them by color. This way your occasion will match your envelope! Try our Red for those festive Christmas presents or go for our Blue for those Hanukah gifts! Most of our collection comes in a metallic shine, but some even have an option for a matte finish. Each of our colors comes in two different closure options. Try our self-adhesive strip for an easy peel and seal or try our Velcro® Brand Closure for an easy close and easy open. Both closures will ensure that your valuable items never fall out. So when you want your items to shine, to be protected, and to pop try our Bubblopes® today!

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