13 x 13 Square Envelopes

Our biggest square envelope collection we carry is sure to give your items some needed storage but also an awesome style to match. The square shape is appealing to any eye due to its balanced look. All come with a plastic cover, this way your documents will certainly be protected. And the larger square size will give your documents a lot of room too. Use these for presentations, uniquely sized cards, or reports for your company. Walk around with these shiny covers and you'll sure to grab some attention.

We wanted to make it easy for you to navigate through our collection of square envelopes, so we decided to sort them all by color. Go for our purple for a cute touch to your office supplies or try our clear for a clean look. All of them are equipped with a button and string closure, creating a classic look. So whatever document you put inside, you'll know they will stay safe and never fall out. Some are two-tone, some are solid. Some are clear, some are metallic. You'll certainly want to search through these square envelopes for the perfect accessory, the perfect size.

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