#12 Envelopes - 4.75 x 11

Organize your office with #12 Envelopes. We all know that you have mountains of documents on your workplace and home desk so our 4 3/4 x 11 envelopes are here to help relieve that mess. #12 envelopes are commonly associated with business purposes but are versatile enough for personal purposes as well. Perfect for filing, storing, and organizing all of your business documents, home recipes, or any other kind of papers. Our collection of 4.75 x 11 envelopes is available in booklet (horizontal) or policy (vertical) styles so you have the ability to use them for multi purposes.

Along with the productive purposes of these envelopes comes our selection of colors. Categorizing by color will make looking for the perfect envelope as effortless as possible. As you click through our colors, you'll find that some even come in different shades for a very versatile and unique envelope. Our most popular collection is our bright hue envelopes, making sure that you'll be able to brighten up any business or home environment. We even have the sophisticated Black Linen #12 envelope and elegant Strathmore Bright White Wove 12 envelope. All of our envelopes feature a strong gum closure so that all of your documents are safe and sound inside. Need to get organized? Start shopping #12 now!

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