Yellow Cello Sleeves

The acid free and archival quality of Cello Sleeves makes them the number one choice for preserving materials. And when you want your materials to not only be protected but have some sunshine to come along with, Yellow Cello Sleeves are your number one choice!

If you craft greeting cards, take photographs, or make artwork, the cellophane material protects your work from finger prints, smudges, and oils. So you can store them without worrying about damage. They're also USPS approved, so you can safely send your work out. A self-adhesive closure speeds up the mailing process and keeps your content tight inside. Combine all of those amazing features with the bright yellow tint that will cover your material and you've found the perfect cello sleeve to carry to your next interview.

Yellow Cello Sleeves available in A6, A7, A9, and Paper Size. Click on the size you think you need for the exact measurements.

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