White Tyvek Envelopes

These are not your normal white envelopes, trust us on this one. Immediately when you take a look at these envelopes, you'll notice the fibers that give your mailing a unique edge. But that's certainly not all!

White Tyvek® Envelopes are super lightweight, tear proof, and water resistant. So whether you spill your water before sending the envelope out, whether your kid decides to have a fit, or whether you feel super weak this morning, these envelopes will make all of those problems disappear. The smooth texture and feel to this envelope will appeal to anyone! This writer has been fawning over them for a while now (really, she just stopped writing to be mesmerized once again).

Use these envelopes for all of your personal or business needs! From business invoices to personal letters, these unique envelopes can handle any normal or unique mail!

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