Grey/Silver Tyvek Envelopes

Deep down, all of us want to be superheroes. We want that extra strength and we want that ability to resist all things bad. Unfortunately, we might not be able to gain those powers (unless of course a spider comes and bites you) but don’t worry! This envelope has enough powers for the both of you.

With this Silver Tyvek® Envelope, your documents will be safe from all of those villainous elements. Tear proof and water resistant, you won't ever have to worry about the Joker getting through your confidential papers. It's sturdy material will seem like the shield Captain America carries around! You might think having an envelope like this will be heavy, but don't fret citizens of Gotham! It's super lightweight for easy travels. The striking silver color is a huge plus! It shines so bright that even the toughest of people will swoon.

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