Green Tyvek Envelopes

Green Tyvek® Envelopes are big, bright, and brawny. Made out of strong Tyvek® material (high-density polyethylene fibers), these envelopes are water resistant as well as tear proof. Documents inside stay well protected amidst the toughest conditions. So you can feel secure mailing your important materials. And get this! Despite its super hulk strength, the material is as lightweight as a feather. Really! We've held them!

Choose regular green or lime green for an envelope that is as colorful as it is durable. Tyvek® Envelopes measure 10 x 13”, making them great for oversized mailings.

Whether you want to send important and confident work documents, or want to sent a painting you created for your grandma's birthday, these envelopes will ensure that each of your materials are safe and sound and stay safe and sound! With the peel and seal (or self-adhesive) closure, all you'll have to do is peel the seal and press down. It's that simple to start protecting and start sending!

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