Green Foil Envelopes

With Green Foil Envelopes, you can skip the wrapping paper all together. Made from heavy duty tear-proof plastic foil, they're shinier, more resilient, and easier than cutting, and taping everything together.

The joyful color works great for the holidays, and we even have a holiday design for the perfect envelope! Package party favors, gifts, or cards and make your recipient be excited even before they open what's inside. With a self adhesive closure, all you'll need to do is peel and seal, making gift wrapping or card giving extra simple. But we think the foil is the best part. It's water resistant and tear-proof so rainy weather isn't a worry and neither are those pesky pets.

Green Foil Envelopes are available in 7 different sizes! This way you can make sure your invitation, your gifts, your cards, whatever you decide on will fit nicely.

Available in Green Mistletoe Foil, Green Metallic Foil, and Green Foil.

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