Gold Foil Envelopes

These Gold Envelopes definitely fit the gold standard! With the most reliable material and a great color for standing out, these envelopes are the best of its type. The plastic foil not only brings pizzazz into your sending material, but will totally protect anything you put inside. Durable, strong and certainly safe, these foil envelopes will make your documents shine bright. And you won't have to worry about anything getting damaged in the process.

One of the best features of this gold foil envelope is the zip lock closure. Lock it up tight and those slips of paper will never be able to leave, even if they somehow wanted to. These envelopes are also great as party favors! Put some goodies inside, seal it up and hand it off to your guests. But don't think they won't reuse it for other purposes. You might see it back in your mailbox a few months later – yes, these envelopes are that durable!

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