Clear Translucent Vellum Envelopes

These Vellum Envelopes are made with natural vellum paper and pure cellulose fibers, creating a superior see-through quality so, materials on the inside are visible from the outside. You’ve taken a great photograph or maybe you’ve created an incredible piece of artwork, or perhaps you have a promotional flyer that needs to get noticed… well choose to use a Clear Translucent Vellum Envelope to make sure people see what you’re sending or storing.

Free yourself from the fear that your hard work will be dismissed without being seen. Because recipients will glance your achievements as soon as they get the envelope. And with content as irresistible as yours, how can they not open it up? These are the best glassline envelopes around!

Clear Translucent Envelopes come in small sizes, large sizes, standard sizes, and unusual sizes. You can find just what you’re looking for right away. Without trying to make something work that doesn’t. No need to cram or fold hard-to-fit and oversized materials into an unaccommodating envelope. Easily create professional and custom looking mail. The neutral color lets you personalize your message even more. Add pops of color, tones of classic black and white, or any other ideas you have for the glassline envelope you want.

Clear Translucent Vellum Envelopes are also USPS-approved, so don't feel shy about sending them in the mail.

Show off what you’ve got. Don’t make them wait.

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