Clear Plastic Envelopes

Having the right tools is the best way to achieve success. And your basic office supplies are the best place to start. An unsystematic and chaotic workflow stalls your tasks. A Clear Plastic Envelope instantly declutters and cleans up loose documents. So you can be well-organized and take a step closer to accomplishing your goals.

These envelopes are big enough to hold oversized documents and flexible enough to hold a lot of paper. It’s easy to see what’s inside the envelope due to the translucency. And don’t waste time speculating on quality. These are made from substantial plastic for an enduring tear-free envelope.

School. Work. Your home office. There’s nowhere that a Clear Plastic Envelope doesn’t fit. Because it accommodates all sorts of papers. But wherever you use yours, it’ll help with keeping your papers together and bringing them where you need to go.

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