Black Photo Mailers

Artists and photographers alike need to be sure that their creative work is properly taken care of. So when you're sending out your impressive material, the best solution is to use an envelope that's custom designed to protect pictures. Photo Mailers ensure that your items are delivered in the same condition they were mailed in. Constructed of rigid cardboard, they make certain that your photographs won't bend.

These particular Black Photo Mailers have a glossy touch. They're sleek and give you a more professional appearance. You can keep them as is for a classy and simple look, or enhance them with graphics for inspired packaging.

Black Photo mailers come in 3 sizes for different uses. You can use a larger one to mail discs and papers along with your photographs. Send a whole press kit or portfolio! The envelopes do the job of keeping things safe, it's up to you to provide that beautiful material.

These envelopes come with a self-adhesive peel and seal closure for fast, easy sealing.

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