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Map Envelopes & Paper

Map Envelopes & Paper

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Made from real surplus land maps, our Map Envelopes and Map Paper were once featured in New York Magazine's "Best Bets." !!! Write notes or letters on the map paper and send invitations, greetings, or announcements in the map envelopes! Having a party that has a theme connected with traveling? Use these map envelopes for a cute invitation cover. Have a boss or professor that loves maps? Use these map envelopes to protect your work presentation or essay! Even use these for your arts and crafts. Make your envelope not only travel through the postal service, but make your recipient feel like they traveled as well. 

Map Envelopes & Paper are available in #10, A6, 6 x 9 open end, 9 x 12 open end, 10 x 13 open end, & in 8 1/2 x 11 paper. All paper and envelopes are sold separately.

Please note that map paper and envelopes are made from real map paper. All packs are assorted. It is not possible to request specific map locations.


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