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Brown #14 Envelopes - 5 x 11 1/2

Brown #14 Envelopes - 5 x 11 1/2

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Do you know where the phrase "How now, brown cow?" comes from? We didn't either. So we looked it up and found that it's a phrase to get your rounded vowels on point. What does this have to do with our brown envelopes? Absolutely ... everything!

Need to store some words that you keep getting phonetically wrong somewhere? Need to practice but organize them so you don’t give up on words like “Worcestershire” or “deterioration” or “February” or “onomatopoeia” (actually that word is harder to spell than pronounce…). These envelopes will definitely make you feel better when failing to pronounce them. Why did I get this brown envelope again? Oh! Brown Cow … at least I can say that (sad face)… See, the perfect reason to buy these envelopes! And once you actually are able to pronounce those words that you stored so perfectly in these envelopes, it will totally get you some brownie (also having the color brown) points on your next date.

Note: if you slowly tried to pronounce the words above, or if you read over the words more than once, it is mandatory that you buy our #14 envelopes. JAM just got you!

Brown #14 Envelopes measure 5 x 11 1/2.

#14 Policy available in Chocolate Brown 100% Recycled and Simpson Brown Kraft Recycled.

#14 Commercial available in Brown Kraft Manilla.

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