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Metallic Sharpies

Metallic Sharpies

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Everyone wants an Olympic medal: gold, silver, OR bronze (honestly, whatever they can get). But unfortunately only a rare breed can attain something as special as that. If those Olympian dreams are only going to stay in your head, why not grab some of our Metallic Sharpies to lighten the blow? Available in gold, silver and bronze - these sharpies will make it seem like you're standing on that podium yourself! 

Use these markers to decorate any project or invitation. Your words, messages, and drawings will shine bright on any kind of paper. From black to red to white to blue, any colored paper will be complimented with these markers. 

Metallic Sharpies feature an opaque, permanent ink and are ready to use right when you open the cap so there's no need for shaking. They also dry quick so you won’t have to worry about smudging either. These sharpies are non-toxic too! 

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