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Color Cello Sleeves

Color Cello Sleeves

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Wear your heart on your sleeve or rather your invite on your sleeve with our colorful assortment of cellophane envelopes. These Color Cello Sleeves are a great way to not only enhance your invitations but also protect them from spills or tears. Whether you want to get a passionate, red tint for your Valentine's day party or soften the mood with a purple lace design for your wedding, or an envelope floral designed, our great sleeves will be able to fit any kind of invite and any kind of occasion. Having a sleeve like this, people are sure to understand what kind of feeling you want to bring to your greeting cards. 

Color Cello Sleeves come in A2, A6, A7, A9, 6 sq and Paper size. Available in more than fifteen different colors and designs. Self-adhesive closure, acid free, and archival quality. All color cellophane sleeves are USPS approved (make sure to use self-adhesive stamps).

Cellophane Sleeves are also available in clear. Check ‘Other JAM’n Products You Might Like’ for more! 

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