Closeout Folders

Back to school shopping can be expensive and so can organizing your office space or home office. Since folders are the best tool for those jobs, and money is what you want to save, these Closeout Folders have now come to your rescue! These folders may be discontinued, but that doesn't mean they are not of high quality. We have categorized our closeouts by color so that it will be easy for you to navigate through your favorites, or ones that speak to your style. Each one of our folders features two pockets so that you'll be able to fit as much as you need for those school subjects or work presentations.

As you choose your favorite color on this page, you'll find that most of our categories have different shades of the same color! Our Blue and Navy Closeout Two Pocket Folders feature a numerous amount of textures and shades from laid to pinstripe, from dimples to specks. We even have a collection of handmade folders, sure to make a lasting impression on your coworkers or peers. The heavy cardstock and lightweight feel of the folders will make them easy to carry around. At the same time, you'll know that you can rely on them to protect your documents. So start shopping and saving today!

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