Nesting Boxes

Investing in a set of Nesting Boxes will be the best thing you've ever done for your office space. While keeping all of your supplies and papers organized, you'll have a cute accessory for your office desk. If you want to go for our sets of 3, you'll have three matching boxes with different sizes. This makes each sit on top of one another beautifully and perfectly.

You can also buy them separately, buy two not three, even buy different colors and match them together. All have metal edges that give a very professional look and all are made of sturdy material. Whether it's plastic or chipboard, your office supplies will be stored nicely. Complete with a lid that also has a metal edge!

Colors available in: Natural Kraft, Black Kraft, Black Plastic, or Clear Frost Plastic.

You can even try and get our nesting boxes in a bunch of other colors! Click the green button under the quantity tab for more information.

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