The Best Interoffice Mail System for Your Small Business

The Best Interoffice Mail System for Your Small Business

Interoffice mail has been on the decline ever since the rise of the internet; specifically email.  With email, you don't have to get out of your cubicle for anything. Interoffice mailing boxes have been replaced with an internet connection. Need to send Janice that report or tell Steve about that sweet lunch you brought to work? Why would you tell them verbally when you can tell them with some generic, black text and a "send" button? Right? Wrong!

Email is obviously an amazing thing. However, some things still need to be physically delivered (documents that need to be signed, hard cover reports, packages, etc.) That's where a solid interoffice mail system comes into play. Interoffice mail, sometimes called "intraoffice mail" or "interdepartment mail," is still very important for the organization and communication of any business.

At JAM Paper & Envelope, our interoffice mail system is predicated on product-specific duties and color coordination.

  • Manilla Open End Envelopes are used for any document that the boss needs to sign or review. 

    • Many are available with or without the metal clasp

    • 19 sizes

interoffice mail system

  • Clear Plastic Sleeves are used for all customer orders.

    • Fits in any binder, folder, or portfolio

    • Translucent

    • Archival

    • Available in 5 colors

 interoffice mail

  • Blue Plastic Report Covers are used for all data/analytic reports.

    • Superior protection for important documents

    • Durable swing lock

    • Available in 9 colors

interdepartmental mail

  • Aluminum 1 Inch Binders to track all orders by month.

    • Heavy and strong

    • Cover measures 11 5/8 x 9 7/8

    • Custom options available

 interoffice mail

  • Green Large Booklet Envelopes for anything that needs to be delivered to our city office.

    • Larger than standard size envelopes

    • Available in 5 sizes

    • Post Office approved

 intraoffice mail

Don't let email and other computer programs completely take over your business. Just because it's 2013 does not mean we should forget what WORKS. Employing an organized, efficient interoffice mail organized is the first step towards creating good communication in any workplace. You can find everything you need for your small business mail system at


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