What can I do with a clipboard?

What can I do with a clipboard?

As a child, when I saw an adult with a clipboard I would think that they were the most important person in the world. “Whoa, I wonder what he’s writing!”. I would think of all the things I could do with a clipboard if I ever got my sticky, little hands on one. Then one day I did and I felt that superiority I knew adults had when they used their clipboards. After moments of dancing around like I won the lottery, I realized I didn't know what the heck to do with one!


Over the years I learned teachers use clipboards to check off attendance, doctors use clipboards to write important doctor notes, basketball coaches use them to write down plays, drills, and defenses… you get the picture. But you don’t have to be a professional to use a clipboard. There are plenty of things you can use them for as a parent, student, or happy go lucky kid.

To-Do List

To-Do lists are the greatest! I swear by them. Make your own to-do list to keep track of what needs to get done. To help get you in the swing of things start as small as writing down mini missions you've already completed just to get that amazing feeling of instantly crossing something off. Then add one of the bigger missions you need to tackle.

To-Do list:

Wake up 

Brush teeth

Write a checklist 

Feed the dog

Pay car insurance

 To-do lists are the things you need to accomplish on a daily basis like cooking dinner. Check lists consists of duties you usually forget since they don't need special attention every day such as paying your mortgage. However, I like to combine my checklist obligations with the to-do list ones so that carrying out more difficult tasks doesn't feel as painful. From renovating your kitchen to walking the dog, something is bound to slip your mind.

Grocery List 

[caption id="attachment_8854" align="aligncenter" width="270"]open white kitchen cupboard with grocery list on clipboard via Young House Love [/caption]

Hang a clipboard in your kitchen or on your refrigerator for an easy access shopping list. That way when you run out of milk or strawberry jam you can immediately write it down and will have a good idea of when you should go grocery shopping. When the time is right tear off the shopping list and head on out!


[caption id="attachment_8870" align="aligncenter" width="400"]decorated green clipboard with list of chores via My Blog[/caption]

Get your kids excited to do their chores by giving them a each a clipboard with cool designs. Then write what their individual chores are. This is a great way to show them responsibility at a young age. For young children, give them chores such as putting their toys away and brushing their teeth. For your older kids, assign who will wash the dishes, clean the bathroom, or take out the garbage.

Clipboard gallery 

[caption id="attachment_8849" align="aligncenter" width="300"]clipboard room art wall decor above white desk via Mr. Kate[/caption]

Some people use bulletin boards, some picture frames, and others use clipboards! Whether you'e using it for inspiration or reminders, clipboards have a way of being stylish and effective. Try this modern take on clipboards and see how it works for you.

Picture Frames 

Why not use clipboards in place of picture frames? They can hold your pictures and hang on the walls. Whether you're hanging up your favorite idols or your children's art work they'll look fantastic!

[caption id="attachment_8856" align="aligncenter" width="400"]diy picture frames with black and white portrait photos on wall via The Vagabond Queen[/caption]


diy inspirational quotes wall decor

via Budget Decorator

Decorate your clipboard with flowers and bows! Print out some of your favorite feel good quotes and hang them around your house. It will lift your spirits and give your home some unique decor.


[caption id="attachment_8842" align="aligncenter" width="500"]white paper calendar on clipboard with pen on blue desk via Buttercup Ink[/caption]

Sure we have reminders on our phones and computers, but how efficient are they really? We become so immune to pop up reminders and annoying notification sounds that we forget to actually read them. Put a calendar on a clipboard and write down birthdays and events. If you are a teacher, write project due dates and presentation dates.


hands holding pen and membership survey

Whether you’re on campus or in the mall hand your questions and surveys on a clipboard to prevent people from using uncomfortable surfaces like their cellphones or the floor to fill them out.

Learning Tool 

[caption id="attachment_8851" align="aligncenter" width="450"]three designed clipboards with children's learning exercises via The Mud Pie Makers[/caption]

Remember how appealing you can make chores by decorating a clipboard? Do the same to get your children to learn their times tables or to practice spelling. Create fun games they can do around the house on a rainy day.


[caption id="attachment_8875" align="aligncenter" width="300"]christmas themed board with number 25 in big font via Scrap Inspired[/caption]

It’s human nature to count down the days until our birthdays, summer, Aunt Marlene's wedding, when we will go on vacation, or Christmas. But have you ever counted down the days for something and when it finally came it completely slips your mind? Don’t let this happen again. Make your own countdown and tear off the days as it grows near. Countdowns are fun and gives as all something to look forward to.

Now that you know all that can be done with a clipboard, what would you do with one?


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