Support the NYC Styrofoam Ban by Using Recycled Paper Products

Support the NYC Styrofoam Ban by Using Recycled Paper Products

Boooo Styrofoam! Boooooo! Support the NYC Styrofoam ban!

New York City mayor Mike Bloomberg's boos are heard loud and clear, as he is pushing to ban Styrofoam (polystyrene) in an attempt to make the city greener.

stacked white styrofoam cups with red line through it nyc styrofoam ban"One product that is virtually impossible to recycle and never bio-degrades is Styrofoam," Bloomberg said. "Something that we know is environmentally destructive and that may be hazardous to our health, that is costing taxpayers money and that we can easily do without, and is something that should go the way of lead paint."

Couldn't agree more, Mike. About 20,000 tons of Styrofoam enter the city's waste stream each year, which can add $400,000 to the cost of recycling because it needs to be removed from the recycling stream. Who wants to pay for that? It is a ridiculous waste of money that is entirely avoidable.

Use Recycled Paper Products instead! At JAM Paper & Envelope, we have a bevy of recycled and recyclable paper products and plastics: Recycled PaperRecycled Envelopes, Recycled Folders, and Recycled Binders to name a few.

In review: Styrofoam hates the environment and hates taxpayers. Replace ugly Styrofoam Containers with Plastic Takeout Containers  and Color Plastic Cups.


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