St. Patty's Day Kid's Craft

St. Patrick's day! A sign of the approaching and highly anticipated Spring season, a day of celebration, lots of green, pots of gold and leprechauns! Here is a fun & easy St. Patty's day kid's craft to create with your students.

st. patty's day kid's craft: smiling leprechaun plate

What you'll need: - Scissors & Glue                                                                     - Green Paper - A paper plate                                                                         - Yellow Paper - Colored pens/pencils/markers/crayons                  - Black Paper

Step 1: The Face

With the paper plate facing down, have your students draw on a face for the little leprechaun. white paper plate with smiley face drawn on

Step 2: The Beard

Adding on the beard is easy! Simply color up the outer edge of the plate with a color of your choice (we used orange), then snip out lines to fray the edges. st. patty's day kid's craft leprechaun face and beard

Step 3: Constructing the Hat

With your green paper horizontal, draw a top hat design and cut it out. st. patty's day kid's craft leprechaun face and green paper hat Place the hat on top of the black construction paper and mark off where you'll need to cut it to create the belt. St. Patty's Day Kid's Craft green and black paper cut into hat shape Now take the belt, and place it on the yellow paper to create the belt buckle. You'll want the buckle to be slightly thicker than the belt. Gently fold the yellow square in half, mark off the center and cut it out. yellow paper with buckle shape traced in pencil                                 yellow paper cut into buckle shape along pencil lines                                   st. patty's day kid's craft leprechaun hat put together

Step 4: Glue it All Together. Have fun! Happy St. Patty's Day!

St. Patty's Day Kid's Craft plate and hat


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