Snapology Origami - The Art Of Ribbon Folding

Customer Talent Spotlight

Just the other day we got an email from a customer named Jeff who let us know how much he loved our ribbon. Now we get customers compliments all the time but never intriguing enough to dedicate a whole blog post to. It wasn't until Jeff sent us a picture of what it is that he does with our wrapping ribbon that inspired this blog post.

[caption id="attachment_2210" align="aligncenter" width="300"]open palm with head side of nickel and tiny nickel-sized gold wrapping paper origami Icosahedron with 1/8 inch Ribbon[/caption]

You see Jeff is an origami enthusiast, but instead of using paper he uses wrapping ribbon. The origami technique of using ribbon (or ticker tape or other strips of paper) is called Snapology. Jeff then explains to us that this style "was invented by a man in Germany named Heinz Strobl."  Below you will find images of Jeff's intricate work with our ribbon.

red background with 5 snapology origami wrapping paper ribbonsred gift wrap ribbon origami heart shape with tiny trianglescolorful red white and blue flower complex snapology origami hand holding small purple and pink colorful gift wrap basket with snapology ballsmall gold and blue star shaped origami against red backgroundred background and small colorful round pyramid gift wrap

Jeff explains that he learned this style of origami a few years ago at an origami convention from a woman who uses gift wrap ribbon which has also become his main choice. When we asked Jeff about the style and thickness of ribbon he uses, he told us:

"3/8" wide ribbon for my stuff and 3/4" when teaching others. Then the 1/8 - 3/16" wide ribbon when I want something really small."

This style of origami is very detailed and interesting and we thank Jeff for sharing. If you are a fan of our stuff and create some awesome crafts let us know and we might dedicate a whole blog post to you and your work.

For more of Jeff's creations check out his Facebook. He is also a part of a group called the Ohio Paper Folders, check out their website here for upcoming origami conventions and lessons!


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