Show Me The Money! Graduation Cards

DIY: Graduation Cards

Is the only word in a recent grad's vocabulary "money" !? You know they only graduated for the thick handful of cards filled with checks and cash! So make your card their favorite! Get creative with your graduation cards by using some of JAM’s favorite products!

DIY: Graduation Cards

Gotta Fly! Cut and fold a paper airplane to fit your blue envelope. Write your well wishes with our markers and cut clouds to add some pizazz!

DIY: Graduation Cards DIY: Graduation Cards

'X' marks the Spot! Our map paper and envelopes are ideal to give those wanderlust grads. Fold the paper in half for the card and glue an envelope on the inside to hold the cash.DIY: Graduation Cards DIY: Graduation Cards

Hats Off! Cut black cardstock into a 8.5 inch square. Then cut 2'' squares from each corner leaving a cross shaped piece. Add your note and cash and fold the flaps to cover. Finish with a small cut circle and tissue paper tassel and voila!


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