Meet the JAM Creative Team!

Lauren DiPalma

meet the jam bloggers: girl wearing green T-shirt with the Microsoft Excel logo

Nicknames: Ren & Laur

Likes: nature trails, journal-ing, writing, plants, and bearded dragons

Dislikes: incorrect grammar, loud chewing, talking during movies, and grapes with seeds

Favorite JAM Office Supply: Our broad line opaque paint markers! These glide so smooth on paper they even make my hand writing look neat! The metallic colors are my absolute go-to, they’ll show up over any color paper.

Favorite JAM Blog: My favorite JAM blog is the DIY: The Office Halloween Costumes. Even though I was not working here at the time, I get a kick out of how everyone used JAM products in order to play their favorite Office character. Its amazing what a little group effort and creativity can do!