Kids' Craft: DIY Paperclip Bookmarks

Kids' Craft: DIY Paperclip Bookmarks

DIY paperclip bookmarks, diy bookmarks

Reading is an adventure, especially for kids learning to read for the first time. It can be scary. It can be tough. But overall, it should be fun. As parents and teachers, we want to make reading as fun as possible for our kids, and sometimes all we need is a quick and easy craft to get everyone excited to lose themselves in a good book. Today, we're going to make  DIY paperclip bookmarks that your kids can use on all their favorite books. And these are great for adults too, so make yourself a few and head out to your local library! What you'll need to make DIY Paperclip Bookmarks: Colorful Paperclips Cardstock Scissors Glue Pens or markers Step 1: Pick out your designs

DIY paperclip bookmarks, diy bookmarks

You can use the ones I used above, or you can pick anything you like from the internet or your imagination. Step 2: Sketch your design and cut it out

scissors, small paper with shape cut out

Then draw any necessary details with your pens and markers. Step 3: Glue to the paperclip

glue, paperclip, cutout

Make sure to glue to the end that will not clip to your book. Step 4: Enjoy!

DIY paper clip bookmark

Wait for the glue to dry and get lost in a book! These clips will be a constant cute reminder for you and your kids to keep reading.

DIY paperclip bookmarks finished

Thanks for making DIY paperclip bookmarks with JAM!


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