Johnny Appleseed Red Delicious Apple Craft

Johnny Appleseed Red Delicious Apple Craft

Apple cider, apple sauce, apple pie, and how can I forget apple juice? The list goes on. Apples have represented American culture for decades and we have Mr. Johnny Appleseed to thank. He was a selfless (some would say crazy) man who walked around barefoot with a pot for a hat, randomly planting apple trees. We may think we know the real Johnny Appleseed but as it turns out we've got it all wrong. Before we make this apple craft, why don't we uncover these myths and set the record straight?

  • Today is his birthday!
  • Born John Chapman, his two nicknames were Johnny Appleseed and the Apple Tree Man
  • He planted nurseries and orchards in New York, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Michigan, and Illinois
  • He sold his trees to farmers and settlers
  • The apples he planted were far from sweet, they were actually sour
  • He used his apples to make hard cider
  • He was a vegetarian
  • He loved all animals and insects
  • When he noticed mosquitoes were flying into his campfire, he put it out and slept in the cold
  • He never carried a weapon even when going into the wilderness, wild animals never felt threatened by him
  • Johnny Appleseed didn't wear a pot on his head just for fun he collected berries and other food in it
  • Despite his appearance, Johnny was a profitable man who gave his money to the poor
  • He was a living legend- but you already knew that!

Now that we know that Johnny Appleseed was kind and not crazy let's make an apple craft in his honor.

What You’ll Need

Red & green card stock paper




Small Cardboard box

Step #1

Draw an apple on a red sheet of paper

apple craft

Step #2

Put another red sheet of paper behind your apple drawing and cut them out.

apple craft

Step #3

Now you will have two apples, one for the base and the other to give it a 3D look. Apply glue to the middle of your apple.

apple craft

Then stick the folded apple unto it.

apples, scissors, glue

Step #4

Use green paper to make leaves then cut them out

scissors, green leaf cutout

Step #5

Glue your leaves on the back of your apples

green leaves attached to paper apples

Step #6

Now put your apples on a tree!

 completed apple craft


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