JAM Featured in Martha Stewart Office Supplies Article

JAM Featured in Martha Stewart Office Supplies Article

As far as I'm concerned, there are three great accomplishments in this life: facing your fears, being successful, and being featured in Martha Stewart's magazine. Considering the last two go hand-in-hand, I guess I can condense the list: facing your fears and being featured in Martha Stewart's magazine (which is the only kind of success I'm after). I can say proudly that I have accomplished one of these things as some of our products can now be considered "Martha Stewart Office Supplies."

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Our paper clips and Papercloops® are bringing the heat! Just look at them there, being all creative and colorful and stuff.  They own that picture. If our paper clips and Papercloops® got into a fight with the other office supplies in that drawer, I'm pretty sure they'd come out on top because not only are they colorful and creative, but they're strong and durable. The only formidable opponent would be the push pins because of their sharpness. However, these pinheads lack the smarts to defeat our versatile paper clips. 

But JAM's office supplies are lovers, not fighters. They just want to make you smile. So if you want to brighten up your life at work, home, or school, check out our awesome push pinsPapercloops®, and paper clips. They are fine replacements to all your standard office supplies.

P.S. It was a huge honor to be featured in Martha Stewart's online magazine. Thank you Martha!

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