How to Make Easter Bunny Paper Puppets

How to Make Easter Bunny Paper Puppets

Easter Sunday is this weekend! If you still haven't decided on a fun Easter craft for the kiddies, bunny paper puppets might be the answer! Teaching your kids to make bunny paper puppets will be a breeze and they are adorable. Playing with these paper puppets will give your children another excuse to use their imaginations. Encourage them to put on a puppet show or you can be the puppet master yourself! Homemade paper puppets give you the freedom to make any animals you’d like in various shapes and colors. Give your bunny paper puppets whiskers and cute googly eyes, use glitter to make it sparkle, or put stickers all over it. It's completely up to you!

What You'll Need





Step #1

Draw a bunny face on a sheet of paper.

white sheet of paper with bunny head outline drawn in pencil

Step #2

Cut the bunny face out. I used my first bunny face cut out to trace another one.

two identical white paper easter bunny head cutouts

Step #3

Use pink paper to draw bunny ears and noses to go on the bunny face.

sheet of pink paper with two pairs of bunny ears and noses drawn in pencil

Step #4

Cut the ears and noses out.

two sets of pink bunny ears and noses cut out for bunny paper puppets

Step #5

Use black paper to draw eyes and whiskers.

black piece of paper with eyes and whiskers drawn in pencil

Step #6

Cut the eyes and whiskers out.

two sets of black eyes and whiskers

Step #7

Glue the ears, noses, eyes, and whiskers onto your bunny face. You can also draw additional features on your bunny!

hands gluing pink paper bunny ears to white paper bunny face

Step #8

Tape a pencil on the back of the bunny face. You can also use popsicle sticks or chopsticks in place of a pencil.

hands taping yellow wooden pencil to back of white paper bunny face

Now time for a puppet show!

two white easter bunny paper puppets against white background


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